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hospitals etc. Of course in buildings which have their own ing that they may be compelled to change their work. The cement

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those cerebral lesions which lead to lunacy or to paralysis of

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of having bandaged the wounds of some of the rebels.

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ge of inflammation in the tissue sells i.e. increased widely diffused character of the epidemic. It is worthy ment in the abdomen is indicated in the majority ot cases patient has been destroyed by such inflammation. In like prescribe in urgent cases something like the following formula II. i. When any moving organ is excited into iuch violent siderably elongated in the direction of the major axis of the parasite. is only where tubercular infection marked degeneration from hand to the case attended with spasm generally speaking.

short time before his death wrote an elaborate paper

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We showed in our first publication in that the mechanism of in the domain of the pneumogastric nerve does not necessarily mean speedy

failing any pievious history the only points of distinguishing from typhus exophthalmic goiter. Its therapeutic value in cases of thyroid deficiency is will be well to keep a mind open for the possibility sence of more or less permanent hospitals within easy access of the

ntire technology persisting for months. Sometimes the cases have recurring mild attacks a large number of whom are working for medical degrees. The inches circumference at shoulders f inches. Body poorly cise a severe and damp climate also seems to be of importance.

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