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Introduction and Overview


The Concept

We hate junk email and the marketing hype that comes along with it! It wastes our valuable time and offends us, so Spam Counterstrike was designed to be the safest, easiest and most effective junk email filter / processor on the market. Like a pain reliever, once Spam Counterstrike is installed, you forget about it as it uncovers junk emails working with Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora and all other POP3 email clients. Thereís nothing new to learn, this means no complicated configuration steps and no interaction is required. It quietly and painlessly scans and marks emails as spam, which allows your favorite email client to move or delete it as you want automatically. Easy no work install, makes installing Spam Counterstrike simple. Set it and forget it! No complicated filters to understand. The concept is simple: Spam Counterstrike is like a pain reliever taking care of spam for you so you never think about it again, unless you want to. It simply waits for you to check your email as normal and scans all of your emails for offensive content. The email is marked as spam and your favorite email client then can move the junk email to any folder you wish. Contains no extra bloatware such as spyware or adware, dose not report any data to anyone about anything on your computer. Spam Counterstrike also monitors and protects all of your email accounts. Free no risk 15 day trial assures you get what is advertised. Our easy install automatically sets up your email client to work. Uninstaller completely removes itself and sets your email back to normal. Current version will not work with AOL or web based email. Spam Counterstrike's technology works by analyzing email content and scoring it before your email client ever sees it. External filters are unnecessary due to the engine's unique spam detection intelligence. Pattern lists are used to help the engine recognize junk content more efficiently and the lists are updateable by you and our database automatically. Our auto updater makes updating Spam Counterstrike simple too. Click one button and any out of date components are installed automatically. Simple out of the way interface, safe and effective spam detection means less irritation, annoyances and more time for you.


Computer System Requirements

Email Account Types Supported

NOTE: Due to technological limitations, Spam Counterstrike can not support AOL or Web Based email accounts at this time.




Installing and configuring Spam Counterstrike consists of

  1. Running the Spam Counterstrike install program
  2. Mail Client Configuration
  3. Creating rules to move junk emails to the trash can or spam folder

Running the install program

Double click on the icon of the file you downloaded to launch the install process. Follow all instructions on each screen.

Mail client configuration


Automatic mail client configuration is available to designated mail programs where itís possible to read and make changes to your email account settings. Follow all instructions on each screen, pressing the ĎNEXTí button to proceed to the next screen. If you would like to change a previous answer, press the ĎPREVí button. If you would like to exit the application before it is done, press the ĎCANCELí button.

Presently, the email clients able to perform automatic mail client configuration are:

Microsoft Outlook 98

Microsoft Outlook 2000

Microsoft Outlook 2002 (XP)

Microsoft Outlook Express

Netscape Messenger versions 3 and 4


NOTE: If your email program is not listed above, you can still use Spam Counterstrike by using the manual method as described in the next section.

The mail client configuration program is run during installation. You can run this later by selecting the Mail Client Setup icon from your start menu. This is useful if you add new email accounts to your email programs, change your email program, or wish to remove any changes the program makes to your system.



Manual (generic)
Or what to do if you use an email client wonít automatically configure for you.

  1. Run your email program.
  2. Select the menu option or button to make changes to your mail account settings.
  3. Find the value that refers to your incoming email server and account name. Note: if you donít see the word POP anywhere or you see things like IMAP, MAPI or Exchange Server, please donít try to use Spam Counterstrike. It only works with POP mail clients.
    1. Write down your incoming email server name. You generally see things like "pop." Or "pop3" or "smtp." Or "mail." If you see "localhost" then this step is already done, and itís ok. If you see a bunch of digits like "" then this is OK, donít worry.
    2. Write down your email account name. This is generally the part of your personal email address that identifies you. That is the part of your email address before the "@" sign.
    3. Change the incoming email server name to Ďlocalhostí
    4. Change the account name to be the email server name from step (a), followed by a Ď/í, then the email account name from step (b).
  4. Repeat step 3 for each account you want to use with Spam Counterstrike.

Email Server Name = (step 3a.)

Email Account Name = jsmith (step 3b.)

Email Server Name = localhost (step 3c.)

Email Account Name = (step 3d.)

For advanced users:

If your email server uses a non-standard port number, you may suffix the Email Server Name with a colon and the port number


Email Server Name =

Email Server Port = 5150

Email Account Name = jsmith

Email Server Name = localhost

Email Account Name =

Notice: If you see indications that your pop server is directed to an anti-virus server like Nortonís, this will require special steps. Please email us for help on this. We will probably have to walk you through the steps to get this to work. You can also temporarily go directly to your regular pop server for testing purposes.


Creating rules

Spam Counterstrikeís job is to discover which emails are spam and mark them as such. Itís now up to your email program to look at the mark and move or delete the email. Junk email can be easily identified by seeing "Spam:" in the message subject. Most popular email programs have "rules" or "filters" that can take specific actions when email arrives, such as moving it to a specific folder. This allows your acceptable email to flow normally into your inbox, and the junk email to be set aside or thrown in the trash folder.

Below are the rules or filters necessary to make this happen.

All the rules described below assume you want to throw out the junk mail by moving the email to the deleted items folder.

Tip: Donít let spammers know you read their email! Turn the preview option off for the folder where your junk email is being stored. This will also keep your Internet connection faster (reduces bandwidth consumption). Spammers exploit what is known as referrer bugs so they can track how their unsolicited email is working. See glossary about referrer bugs.

Tip: Build confidence in Spam Counterstrike by periodically reviewing the senders and subjects in your junk email folder (but donít open the messages!), just in case a message is mis-identified.

Create a special Spam folder especially for your junk email, then modify the spam rule or filter in your email program to move everything there instead of the trash folder. You may then review the spam (when you feel like it) to make sure something wasnít mis-identified


Generic rules/filters for any email program.

  1. Find the message rules or message filter options
  2. Add a new rule or filter
  3. Move message based on content or specific words
  4. Create rule to move any email with "Spam:" in the subject to either the trash or a special spam folder.
  5. Save rule


Microsoft Outlook

  1. Click on Tools menu and select rules wizard.
  2. Click on the "new" button
  3. Click on "move messages based on content"
  4. Click on "specific" words
  5. Type "Spam:"
  6. Press enter key
  7. Click on "specified"
  8. Double click on "deleted items"
  9. Click "finish"
  10. Click "OK"



Microsoft Outlook Express

  1. Click on Tools menu and select "message rules" then "mail"
  2. Click on the "new" button
  3. Check off "where the subject line contains specific words"
  4. Check off "Move it to the specified folder"
  5. Click on "contains specific words"
  6. Type in "Spam:"
  7. Click "Add"
  8. Clock "OK"
  9. Click "specified"
  10. Double click on "deleted items"
  11. Click "OK"
  12. Click "OK"




  1. In the Messager Window, select the Edit menu, then Message Filters
  2. Click on the "New" button to create a new filter
  3. In the Filter name field, enter "Spam"
  4. Select "subject" in the left most drop down box.
  5. Select "contains" in the middle drop down box.
  6. Enter "Spam:". The line should read as follows: "the subject of the message contains Spam:"
  7. In the drop down box next to the word "then" select "move".
  8. In the drop down box next to "move", select "trash" or any folder you want the junk email moved to.



  1. Select Filters from the Tools menu
  2. Click on the New button to create a new filter
  3. Select the Incoming check box
  4. In the Header field, select "Subject:" from the drop-down list of headers
  5. Then, next to the Contains entry, type "Spam:"
  6. In the action field, select Transfer To a mailbox such as Deleted or spam
  7. Close the window and confirm that you'd like to save changes


Using Spam Counterstrike


Spam Counterstrike employs a unique method of Intelligent Detection. A single indicator isnít enough to effectively identify junk email, which is why multiple indicators and methods are employed to identify the junk from acceptable email. Some of our methods include using advanced pattern recognition and other proprietary algorithms that are designed to mimic and go beyond how a human would identify junk email. The result of this is a score; the higher the score, the greater likelihood the message is junk.

Spam Counterstrike marks message as "Spam:" when the score exceeds a set threshold. One of three predefined "Protection Levels", or default score thresholds, may be selected on the "Protection Levels" tab of the Configuration program.

Basic protection, identifies most common spam

Emails that are flagged must be obviously junk mail. That is, emails must contain lots of offensive junk words/phrases, offensive language, offers, banned senders, banned domains, banned URLs and other indicators that make it beyond a reason of doubt that it is spam. Almost no chance that personal emails will get flagged as spam.

Normal offers moderate protection, identifies over 95% spam

Emails that are flagged will be generally considered as junk mail. That is, emails will contain several offensive junk words/phrases, offensive language, offers, banned senders, banned domains, banned URLs and other indicators that make it reasonably clear it is spam. Very little chance that personal emails will get flagged as spam.

Aggressive offers Very aggressive protection, identifies over 99% spam

Emails that are flagged will be generally considered as junk mail. That is, emails will contain at least one or two offensive junk words/phrases, offensive language, offers, banned senders, banned domains, banned URLs or other indicators that make it reasonably clear it is spam. Little chance that personal emails will get flagged as spam.

Custom Ė Set your own Threshold.


List Manager

Spam Counterstrikeís Advanced Pattern Recognition engine employs multiple lists of patterns that recognize junk email. The List Manager program maintains and organizes these lists. This tool is provided for you to makes changes, additions, or subtractions to any of the lists, or incorporate a similar list maintained by Spam WatchDog groups.

Note: Editing Spam Counterstrikeís pattern lists with a different editor could impair accuracy and efficient processing, therefore, we recommend only using the list manager to modify the lists.


Types of Lists


Friends List

Anyone on this list who sends you an email will absolutely NOT be marked as spam. Ideally, anyone who is in your Address Book should also be on this list.


Header Patterns

Headers are found on the property pages of email. They contain information about its subject and origin. This is a critical list for SCS comparison matching and may be edited by the user. However, you are unfamiliar with email headers, itís not recommend to edit this list.


Body Patterns

The body of an email is where the actual "message" is. Junk mailers use lots of advertising hype and phrases adnauseam that makes it easy to spot junk email. If you recognize new patterns in the junk mail messages you receive, add them to this list and Spam Counterstrike will consider this as it processes your email.


Junk Senders (The Black List)

The "Junk Senders" or "Black List" collection examines the From or Sender fields of incoming email. When the From or Sender field matches an established pattern, Spam Counterstrike assigns the message a high spam probability score and marks it for removal.

Tip: Quickly build an effective list of junk senders when you find web pages with lists of offenders. Simply select the text from the web page, copy it into the Windows clipboard and paste it in this list. Only valid email addresses will paste into the list.


Domain Black List

As you become more annoyed with spam, you will notice that some domains specialize in sending junk. Rather than trying to block each sender from the domain, you can simply block all email from a single domain. Once a domain name has been added to the black list, no more mail will be received from the specified domain unless a particular sender is in the friends list For example, if BadSender.kk sends lots of junk emails and you don't think you will ever want emails from BadSender.kk, then add the domain BadSender.kk to the Domain Black List. Then no matter who sends you mail from this domain, it will get blocked.

Tip: Be careful not to block legitimate emails by blocking domains such as:,,, etc. These domains aren't sending you spam, their users are and it's possible some of your friends may send you legitimate emails from these domains. You can block any domain you wish and then add your friends to your Friends list.


TLD Black List

Top Level Domains or (TLDs) are assigned to various sovereign nations. For example, the United States is assigned: .com, net, .org, & .edu, as TLDs. If you observe that emails from some TLDs (For example, those designated .tw, .kr) are typically unsolicited junk emails, you may wish to block email originating from here. Click here for a list of current TLDs and associated countries..


URL Black List

Junk email frequently contains hyperlinks in the text body. These are links to known sources of junk mail, and visiting them can have unforeseen consequences. These hyperlinks and embedded URLs can be used as spam cues just like any other pattern. In fact, hyperlinks and hidden URLs of unwanted email could be stored in the Body patterns list. The reason it a separate list is so banned URLs can be identified as such. URLs can be added as www.anydomain.xx or 123.456.789.000 or or 1234567890


Subject patterns

Typically, junk email has subjects with the words "free!" or dollar signs ($) in them. As you get more unsolicited junk email, you will notice other trends in the subject text. Simply add the new patterns to help Spam Counterstrike flag the spam.


Suspicious Attachments

This list contains suspicious file extensions such as .vbs, .exe, .com and other executable files which when clicked on or opened, could unleash a potential virus or worm. Spam Counterstrike uses this list to determine potentially dangerous attachments and marks it as spam for removal.



Check Scans the current list for "short patterns" which may cause an email to be falsely flagged as spam. A "short pattern" is a single word or too short of a phrase. Short patterns can take these words out of context, marking valid email as spam. If you're blocking too many valid emails as spam, it's possible that a short pattern is causing too many false positives. Use this button to scan your list for very short patterns.

Add Add a pattern to the current list. Add new patterns (email addresses, domains, any text, words or phrases) to help Spam Counterstrike discover spam.

Edit Edit the selected pattern in the current list. Double click an item in the list to edit pattern.

Del Delete the selected pattern in the current list. You may select multiple patterns and delete them all at the same time.

Dups Scan the current list for duplicate entries and remove them. This will speed up processing by removing redundant patterns in the current list.

Import Intelligently import and add a list from another source into any of Spam Counterstrike's pattern lists. Click here for specific instructions on importing a black list. You can build your lists from other people and/or other programs by importing lists into the current list. This will add to your current list. Useful when you find a black list on web sites or share lists with friends. Since import is aware of the list you're importing to, it will filter out any irrelevant data and import what you want. This feature is an easy way for you to grab the relevant data you want!

Export Export your current list to a text file. You can share your patterns with other people by exporting your lists or use your list with other programs.

Paste Intelligently insert/add items into your current list from the clipboard. This feature allows you to select text from any source (Web pages, documents, programs, etc) and paste the relevant items into the list you currently have selected. Before it pastes the items into your list, it removes any duplicates. Useful when you find a black list on web sites, but the list is embedded in the text. This feature is an easy way for you to grab the relevant data you want!






Emails are not being marked as spam

Configure email accounts
Add sender to junk senders list
Add new pattern to list

Spam is not being removed from inbox

Configure email rules

#1. Can they receive email WITHOUT Spam Counterstrike. We need to add a "Disable" function.







Emails usually contain text messages and can contain pictures, sounds, programs and other kinds of files. These are known as attachments. Attachments usually don't show up in the email, but show up as an icon to click on. Clicking on attachments with .vbs or .exe extensions can be risky. Spam Counterstrike will consider many attachment types as dangerous and will mark such messages as spam.


The amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. This translates to how fast your web pages load or how fast your emails arrive. The more bandwidth you have, the faster your web pages load and the faster your emails arrive. For this explanation, the bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second(bps) or bytes per second.

black list

a list of email addresses that are banned by you. This usually means these are known junk senders or spammers.


A place Windows reserves to put copied text in so different programs can copy/paste text to each other. Spam Counterstrike makes use of this feature for making it easy to get black lists, URLs, etc. into its pattern lists.


a consumer of a resource. The email program you use to read email is called a client. The email client talks to an email server, called a POP3 server. The POP server serves a resource to your email client program. Outlook is an example of an email client.


Web addresses all have domains. AOL as in is the domain, Yahoo as in is the domain. So when Spam Counterstrike mentions blocking a domain, it means blocking all email no matter who the sender is, it means blocking all emails from that web site or address. Please be careful when blocking domains from yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc. since they aren't sending you the spam, it's their subscribers.


acronym for Internet Service Provider. You usually subscribe to an ISP in order to access the Internet and get your emails.


words, phrases, email addresses, URLs. Spam Counterstrike works by scanning emails for patterns of text. For example: the subject may contain words like "free" or "$" or "adults only". These patterns can be detected and used to filter out spam or junk mail. Addresses are also considered patterns since they are letters and numbers that can be put into a list.


acronym for Post Office Protocol. This is a simple command based email server.


in normal English, a proxy is defined as a substitute. In the context of Spam Counterstrike, it means that our software is a substitute for the normal email server your email program talks to. Spam Counterstrike acts as a mail server for whatever reads your email. It then talks to your email server on behalf of your normal email client. So it acts as both an email client and a server.

Referrer bug

A link to an image which when previewed or viewed, gives the sender information about your 1) That their spam was read or previewed and 2) your IP address. Prevent referrer bugs from giving out this information by turning your email preview option off (at least in the spam folder). Turning off the preview option will also reduce your bandwidth consumption.


a term which commonly means unsolicited junk email or simply unwanted email. It used to mean bulk email, but can mean almost any unwanted email.


a supplier of a resource. Your email program acts as a consumer of emails from a POP server. The POP server typically resides at your ISP so you never see this resource.


Top Level Domain. Web addresses all have TLDs, you're used to seeing .com the most. But there are hundreds of other TLDs, some of the common ones are .net, .org, .edu, .us, etc. All countries have their own TLDs such as Canada (.ca), France (.fr), Italy (.it). Unfortunately, some countries are known to allow spammers to send bulk unsolicited emails with little regard, so a method is provided for you to block entire countries if you're receiving lots of spam from them. Click here for a list of all the TLDs and countries.

White pages

this term has become to mean a list of email addresses that you never want to block.




Q How do I know if Spam Counterstrike is working?

A You will see our Icon in the system tray animate as it processes your email. Spam will get filed in your Spam folder. The subject of a spam email will have a "Spam:" in it. If you check the headers of your incoming email, you will see X-SpamCounterstrike.

Q Will Spam Counterstrike work with AOL?

A Since AOL is proprietary, you will need special software which converts AOL's protocol to POP. This can be downloaded from eNetBot. This lets you get your AOL email using a real email client.

Q Will Spam Counterstrike work at the office?

A Yes, if you use a POP server.

Q How is Spam Counterstrike different than the rest?

A Spam Counterstrike works by disappearing and working with your email client. Most other spam or junk email filters work independently from your email client, requiring you to run it before checking your email. This method also may require emails to be downloaded twice before you actually see it in your inbox. Our design works with your email client, acting as the POP server. Your email client downloads the email once and if it's spam, your email program will see the mark and act on it according to your specification. Most other spam filters only filter out some junk email by using patterns and black lists, which need to be updated frequently. We use many types of patterns plus proprietary algorithms to discover specific elements which determine an email is junk. Our detection system requires no special knowledge about how it works. It just does. All you need to tell us is how aggressive you want us to be. That's all! As bulk emailers adapt to the detection, we will adjust the detection system. You will soon forget that you even get junk emails.

Q Why use Spam Counterstrike if my ISP filters out the spam?

A Control and cost. If your ISP is filtering out all of the spam, how do you know it's not blocking some legitimate emails? And if it's not mistakenly filtering out legitimate emails, then it's not filtering very well. Spam Counterstrike solves all of this by working in tandem with your normal email client, allowing your email client to move spam effectively to any folder you desire, or simply deleting it as you wish. You know what it's marking as spam and what it's not. Most ISPs charge an additional monthly fee for spam filtering. Spam Counterstrike will usually pay for itself in just 4 months or less!

Q How is Spam Counterstrike different than my ISP's spam filter?

A Your ISP filters out the spam before it reaches your computer. The advantage is that you don't have to download it first, but you also lose the ability to check to make sure it didn't filter out wanted emails. Your ISP probably doesn't filter out all of the spam, so you still have to delete what they miss.

Q Does Spam Counterstrike prevent viruses and worms from infecting my email?

A To the extent that Spam Counterstrike tags an email as spam and detects harmful attachments, it will alert you to possible infection. However, we do not claim to prevent viruses or infection. We recommend using due diligence and have a full virus scan product as well as spam prevention.

Q Why do I have to manually setup rules for email?

A Currently, there is no ability to automatically add rules to any of the email clients. Once this is possible, we will enhance the install program to do this for you.

Q Why can't Spam Counterstrike delete the spam before the email program downloads it?

A It is possible, but our first release schedule didn't permit this feature. Also, most users won't want Spam Counterstrike to delete their emails automatically anyway.

Q How can Spam Counterstrike prevent spam?

A It can't. What it will do is prevent you from being bothered by it and as it removes spam from your inbox and preventing you from opening the email, spammers will stop sending as much junk.

Q What is the benefit of turning the preview option off in my email client?

A Safety, Privacy and reduced bandwidth consumption. An Email which is flagged as spam will often contain links and images which load automatically when you preview it. Outlook, Outlook Express and Netscape are noted for allowing you to preview emails without actually opening them. Also, emails that are flagged as spam often contain scripts which execute at preview time. These scripts can open up numerous pop-up windows which can contain porno and other pop-up windows. Spammers will violate your privacy by exploiting what is known as referrer bugs so they can track how their spam is working. Now you wouldnít want them to benefit from emailing you junk now?