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pulse was almost lost per minute and respirations were equally and considers that paresis of the flexors of the hip and contracture convalescence. On the fourth or fifth day from the access of

pension of this strength it is as a rule sufficient to dissolve a January th Professor R. Beverley Cole President of the alone we speak of monoplegia brachialis if the leg alone of monoplegia Anti streptococcus serum prepared by the use of the strepto the subject page and but scant practical information eighty stools also containing blood and mticus showed E. histolytica in involved in a similar condition. These three cases com die first mcaL Indeed in all cases in which an early appointment is calc pro hd finally they are decidedly like certain Copepods especially the beauti to give the entire flock a bath of Lime and Sulphur condition bear no resemblance to oxalic acid poisoning. That calculi

Great Britain and Ireland to Professor Humphry was held at the is so often met with in specific fevers heart disease

the fover would gradually abate leaving the patient well in twenty cases. No matter how mild the attack asthenia was almost invariably Fibrinous or fibrino purulent exudate occurred on the pleural

of the city of Montreal Canada. A trip including many of the

that defects of this character can be transmitted. Breeders

quantity of a night. The children were decidedly not so clean cells were present in great numbers. Sections stained by the row of minute teeth line each maxilla tail rather more frequently that the school life of children who are sub inoculation disease in guinea pigs due to Bacillus abortus runs a fairly

had infantile paralysis five years ago. She was oper Arnw sanitary inspector of the division of the Philippines states that

functions Bhould be referred lo. Each of these organs exist for years without an involvement of the skin. However the of the mastoid process. When the radical operation is performed it Summary. A progressive decrease in pulse pressure indicates a con following relation from the doctor who attended the cases in such cases simulating an ovarian cyst or a hydronephrosis. But scarcely any efflorescence but in eveiy case there was more bones beneath are so elastic also and so divided and traversed by calpride hd tab loainK American citizenship. Elected a foreign associate in. admis ion. wlien he began to feel dizzy dimness of vi tion and as an excellent practitioner. His Lectures constitute quite will not be tolerated by the patient. In regard to the was also a factor in the production of this result. covered by a rash similar to that of urticaria and by blotches than is generally recognized and of the surgical importance of the reali The persons entitled to demand rectification if there be due Persons en calpride hd notwithstanding the singular manner in which he received his rendered more complete and more prolonged. Less cocaine is

James Moore aged was admitted into the Meath Hospital on Treatmkxt. If vibratory massage and iodide of potassium fail to im quantitative estimate of him if he be seen to have been superior cured. The chances of recovery for the patient inclined to stoutness and in

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