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Spam Counter Strike. The ultimate anti spam / junk email filter software.

Try the latest beta of Spam CounterStrike

Experienced users who are comfortable working with beta software are welcome to try the latest release of Spam CounterStrike. Participating in public beta tests greatly contribute to the effectiveness and stability of the final release.

First, the required legal warning: The software available from this page has been tested in house and/or by other testing persons, but may still behave unpredictably. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS-IS" WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND. USE IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Now for the good news. Persons actively testing Spam CounterStrike who discover bugs, or make appropriate feature requests (e.g. those that are not already on our "to-do" list) is eligible to receive a FREE, LICENSED COPY OF SPAM COUNTERSTRIKE when the new version is released (this applies to new users only).

Discuss this new version in our beta software forum.

No beta version is currently available.

Current release

Version 1.2
April 1, 2003

  1. Added user definable port settings to allow interaction with anti-virus software (advanced option, on the settings page of the control panel).
  2. Added ability to start up or shut down spam detection engine from the control panel.
  3. Improved installation wizard.
  4. Other stability and performance improvements.

Please read our FAQ on configuring Spam CounterStrike and your anti-virus program.

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